Jagan Reddy petitions to Governor on Call-money racket, anti-bauxite-mining

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

YSRCP president and leader of the Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy today called on the Governor ESL Narasimhan along with his party MLAs.

During the meeting, Jagan has brought the issues of Call-money racket, spurious liquor case, bauxite mining etc., to the notice of the Governor. He said that the government has slapped case against his party Paderu MLA Giddi Eswari u/s 307 for voicing the Tribal in against bauxite-mining in Visakha Agency area. He told that under Schedule V, an advisory committee has to be formed and knowing pretty well that the committee will refuse bauxite mining, Chandrababu avoided it. He said that cases are being booked on those who raise voice in against-bauxite mining. He said that Chandrababu staying at Vijayawada is running all mafias.

While bringing the higher rate of interests collected by the call money racket, he told the Governor that the police have seized 200 tapes of indecent nature on women. He highlighted the plight of the borrowers in general and women in particular for exploiting them, threatening them and trapping them into flesh trade.

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