JFC submits Joint Fact Finding Committee report – Blames Centre and State over the issues

The Joint Fact Finding Committee constituted by Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has today submitted its report.

Speaking to media, Pawan Kalyan said ‘I am the partner of the people. I have extended support to the BJP and TDP in the last general elections with a view that something good would be done to the people. He said that if YSRCP moves no-confidence motion in Parliament, the TDP has to extend its support to it. If YSRCP moves the same on March 21, definitely, there will be good and useful also’, he said. Pawan Kalyan said that neither the BJP nor the TDP took concern over the issues. Chandrababu Naidu is giving conflicting comments creating confusion among the people. He reiterated that the SCS has to be given to the State. The Centre has given only 5 per cent out of cent percent to the State. He opined that the State should not take the responsibility of constructing the Polavaram Project since it is a national project.

The State government vows responsibility to give answer to the people for not materializing the issues of AP reorganization Act. The JFC said that the Centre has to give Rs.74,542 to the State which the Centre maintained silence.

Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan said that the Centre has to give Rs.74,542 crores to the State. He said that 11 States in the country are now enjoying the SCS as of now. He said that on the lines of Khundelkhand, the Centre has to extend financial assistance package to seven backward districts in the State. Jayaprakash said that the construction of the State Capital is the responsibility of the Centre. The Centre neglected Dugarajapatnam port issue completely.

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