Intelligence department takes up random survey to know the votes pulse

Sunday, September 2, 2018

The intelligence department took up a random survey to know the pulse of the voters in May and June according to sources.

The department collected one lakh samples covering all the 175 Assembly constituencies. It pressed constables/head constables etc., on the duty for about two months. This was done apart from their regular work. At least 500 voters were contacted in each constituency and every 100th voter was interviewed. The surveyors were given tabs to feed the information from the field staff itself. The tabs were directly connected to the server in the department said sources.

The electors were asked questions such as ‘Whom did they vote in 2014?’ and ‘Who do they vote in 2019?’. Some enthusiastic went further and asked questions like what makes them vote for the TDP? Is it because of the welfare schemes/developmental work?. The voters are not concerned about the corruption and unruly behavior of their elected representatives. ‘We swear by the case’, was the most common reply in constituencies like Vijayawada Central says sources.

It was mandatory to collect the mobile/landline number of the voter to eliminate the scope for bias and ensure that the surveyors would not fill up the form as per their choices. A call from th control room would go to the voter invariably to cross check whether he/she was interviewed and what was their responses.

In more than 60 Assembly constituencies, to be precise 64, the sitting MLAs are sailing against tide. In fact, the survey details were reported not shared with the TDP leaders, apparently, are not aware of the outcome.

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