IFR- Several people may unlikely to see the Operation Demonstration by Marine Commandos

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The operation demonstration involving the elite Macros (Marine Commandos), the fly-past by navy’s aerial assets including the Boeing Poseidon-81, MIG 29K and Sea Harriers, operational display by the naval ships, illumination of ships and famed International City Parade will be held during the International Fleet Review from February 4 to 7.

According to plans, passes have been issued to 1.5 lakh people will be factored on the beach at four landing points. The beach is only place for the general public and after parking their vehicles as designated place, people will have to walk at least two kilometers to reach ramps and the public will be moved into the beach area. People segregated into enclosures will not be able to see the Operation Demonstration by the Macros which is worth watching as their view is blocked by museum at one entry point into the enclosures just before the Kursura Submarine Museum. The second ramp is after Kursura Museum and the enclosures end at least 1,500 metres before the operations demo area for security purpose. People in front enclosures will only have a bird’s eye view of the operations demo but those behind will have tough time to get a glimpse.

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