Hyderabad police app Hawk Eye gets gold at the E-Governance conference

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hawk Eye, the police app launched by Hyderabad Police was awarded the gold on Tuesday at the 20th National E-Governance Conference for its innovative approach.

The app has got over 3.5 lakh users. Hyderabad City Police Commissioner K. Mahendar Reddy said that the app was developed to transform the public as citizen police. The app empowers people to become police without uniform, he said. He said that the person who downloaded the app can send a message or photo or video clip of any irregularity or crime taking place and the central serve r will download it. The message is immediately sent to the nearest police station or patrol or real-time basis for immediate action. The app is unique one that it has a system where the police report back to the sender of the message on the action taken and the sender’s identity is kept anonymous.

Mahendar Reddy said that the police have received over 17,000 actionable calls and almost all calls were attended to. There is an SOS system where a person in distress can alert the police just at the click of a button, he said.

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