Himayatnagar doctor's shoot out case-Police records statement

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chandrakala statement recorded
In the Himayatnagar doctors shoot out case, Narayanaguda police have recorded the statement of the deceased Dr.Shashi Kumar’s friend Chandrakala today. According to her, Dr. Shashi Kumar came to her residence and informed her that he was under severe pressure and asked her to take to farmhouse. She took her to Farmhouse and entrusted the watchman Sankariah to take care of him and returned back to residence. At around 10pm on Monday, he received a call from the watchman and had spoken to Shashi Kumar for ten minutes and told her that he is committing suicide and disconnected the phone. She immediately informed of the same to Panjagutta police who rushed to the spot and by the time they reached, Dr. Shashi Kumar was found dead.

Shashi Kumar's wife alleges that he was murdered
Kranti, wife of the deceased doctor Shashi Kumar alleged that her husband’s death is not due to suicide but of a murder. She alleged that Dr. Saikumar and Uday got her husband killed by hired persons. The only witness in the entire case Dr. Sai Kumaris under the Narayanaguda police. Sai Kumar told to police that Shashi Kumar has opened fire on both of them.

It may be recalled that Rachakonda and Dr. Sai Kumar invested Rs.3 crore each and had got private equity funding from Exhilway Global Opportuniteis Pvt. Equity Fund. The two anaesthetists had earlier worked with Dr. Shahsi Kumar hospital for some time. Dr.Rachakonda was the managing director of the 25 crore project while Dr. Sai Kumar is the CEO, Shashi Kumar, a senior surgeon was a director.Dr. Shashi runs a private hospital and he and Dr.Uday and Dr.Sai met at Minerva Hotel in Himayatnagar about investment related disputes they had about Laurel Hospitals in which they had stakes. As there was crowd in the hotel, Dr. Shashi told them to sit in the car and discuss. As Dr.Uday drove his car, Dr.Sai sat in the front and Dr.Shashi on the rear seat. Dissatisfied Shashi over the management of the affairs of the hospital and during the discussion in the hotel too was furious said DCP V.B.Kamalasan Reddy. The surgeon started accusing the duo of mismanaging the hospital and said he was frustrated and wanted to shoot them dead. Soon after saying this, Dr.Shashi whipped out his revolver. Panicking, Dr. Sai opened the door and ran for his life said the DCP. The surgeon then aimed the .32 revolver at Dr.Uday and pulled the trigger. He managed to open the door got into a three wheeler and went to a hospital in Hyderguda. Uday and Sai claim that they invested nearly Rs.3 crore each in the project named Laurel Hospitals in Madhapuram while Dr.Shashi invested Rs.70 lakh.

Dr Shashi Kumar has committed suicide. In his suicide note, he said that the firing on Dr. Uday is not by him but Dr.Sai has opened fire with his revolver. He escaped from the scene due to fear. He apologised his wife and children and added that they have intentionally involved him into the hospital issue. He also named two other doctors responsible for his suicide. The Police have recovered the revolver along with two bullets at a Farm House at Nakkalapalli. In his suicide note, Dr.Shashi Kumar said that the reason for the dispute is only financial matters relating to the hospital. He said that Dr.Chaitanya and Dr. K.V.Reddy is due to pay Rs.1.30 crore.

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