High Court reserves orders in the case against Jagan Mohan Reddy and others

Monday, March 13, 2017

High Court Justice A.Shankarnarayana reserved orders in cases filed seeking quashing of criminal cases registered against YSRCP president and leader of the Opposition in the Assembly who visited Government hospital to see the injured after the road accident near Penuganchiprolu in Krishna district on February 28.

The judge heard arguments on behalf of Jagan and Jogi Ramesh and others seeking quashing the criminal proceedings registered against them by the Nandigama police. The leaders went to the hospital to console the families and sought details from doctors.

C.V.Mohan Reddy, counsel for Jagan Mohan Reddy put forth his arguments said that a travel bus belonging to ruling Telugu Desam Party MP and in the accident as many as 11 passengers were dead leaving many injured. As the leader of the Opposition it is the duty of Jagan to console the families of those killed and injured and went to the hospital. District Collector took Jagan Mohan Reddy to the postmortem room and explained him. Jagan questioned the District Collector and doctors whether the postmortem was conducted in accordance with the rules and want to clear the doubts raised some questions. Jagan after came to know that post-mortem was not conducted on the body of the bus driver and questioned him why it was done. The second driver was let from the accident spot without questioning. When the leader of the Opposition with all his responsibility raised doubts over the acts of the administration for which slapping of cases is a wonder, said the counsel.

The counsel for Jagan informed the court that the ill-fated bus was belonging to the TDP ruling party MP and the doctor has lodged a complaint with the police is nothing but harassing and political motives, the case was slapped. He informed the court that Jagan has taken forcibly the papers from the doctor is too not correct. The facts were video recorded and submitted the same to the court. He further informed the court that all the sections in the charge sheet does not relate to the incident.

The Public Prosceutor Posani Venkateswarulu putting forth his arguments said that the case is under investigation and as such the High Court need not exercise its discretionary powers u/s Cr.P.C. Sec.482. He said that neither the investigation completed nor the charge sheet was framed.

The judge adjourned the judgement.

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