High Court quashes Akun Sabharwal’s complaint

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Justice B.Shiva Shankar Rao of the Hyderabad High Court quashed the complaint made by senior police officer Akun Sabharwal against Outlook magazine and those connected with the publication.

Sabharwal filed a complaint with the police taking exception to an article in the Outlook magazine that made comments about senior IAS officer Smitha Sabharwal, his wife. The magazine filed a petition to quash the case. The judge allowed the petition making it clear that the aggrieved party could always take recourse under law and the present complaint was not the aggrieved party.

Justice Shankar Rao noted that Smita Sabharwal herself launched separate legal proceedings against the scribes and issued notice to them. They had even apologized to her and said whether that is sufficient or not and whether she wants to take any further action is part of her rights, said the judge.

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