High Court directs revenue officials to furnish land details

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Justice Ramalingeswar Rao of Hyderabad High Court today directed revenue officials of Visakhapatnam to disclose all details of government lands in various survey numbers of Marripalem and Kapparada areas immediately to the applicant under the Right to Information Act.

This order gained significance as there were allegations that the government lands worth hundreds of crores were snatched away by manipulation and the information was being stalled from being disclosed. The judge was dealing with a case filed by Lakshmi Narayana, who said valuable government lands are snatched away, allotted, mortgaged and revenue officials colluded with the land grabbers. He sought information from the local revenue officers seeking information. When the local revenue officials stonewalled the application under RTI Act, he approached the Information Commission. The Commission directed the officials to disclose the information on two occasions. The officials were refusing to give details. The judge expressed surprise at the attitude of the officials.

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