High Court asks State to file counter on Bheemili merger

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Justice A.V.Sesha Sai of the Hyderabad High Court on Tuesday took on record the statement made on behalf of the State government that they are not proceeding further like holding elections etc., pursuant to the orders of government merging Bheemunipatnam with GVMC for at least two weeks.

The judge dealing with a writ petition filed by Ramu Naidu of Bheemunipatnam who challenged the action of the State government in issuing a final notification merging Bheemunipatnam with GVMC that is 335 km away. He said that there was elected body the municipality rejected the proposal. Then a special officer was managing the affairs of the municipality and this proposal was accepted by him and the government issued the impugned GO.

The petitioner raised various grounds and brought to the notice of the court that recently the wards of GVMC are notified and at any time elections may be held and the case become infructuous. The judge asked the government why counter affidavit was not filed for the last one year. The court was informed that elections are not going to happen within two weeks and by then counter affidavit will be filed.

The case was listed after two weeks.

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