HCU in-charge Registrar submits report on the suicide of Rohit to High Court

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Proctorial Board Members:

  • Prof.Alok Pandey, Chief Proctor
  • Dr.Chetan Srivastava, Proctor
  • Prof.G.Lalitha Guruprasad, Proctor
  • Prof.P.K.Suresh, Proctor
  • Dr.Athar Habib Siddique, Proctor

The Hyderabad Central University Registrar in-charge M.Sudhakar has submitted a report today to the Hyderabad High Court leading the circumstances that led the administration to suspend them, the clash between ABVP and Ambedkar Association, attack on Sushil Kumar etc., In the report, the Registrar said that the Proctorial Board has recommended to send the five students out of university who attacked Sushil Kumar but taking into consideration of their financial position, the board acted leniently.

He said that the complete suspension has been lifted and was confined the entry into hostel, entry into administrative building and participation in elections but not from attending the classes and continue their education, he said.

The Registrar said that the action was taken with a view of non-repetition of such incidents in the university premises. He told to the court the suspension has been lifted based on the recommendations of the Executive Council. All steps in the entire episode was taken in accordance with the governing rules, he said.

It may be recalled that the suspended students have approached the High Court seeking a direction to lift the suspensions. The High Court has ordered the HCU to file a counter.

Around 30 students have went into the hostel room of Sushil Kumar in the wee hours on August 4, 2015 demanding him to tender unconditional apology for the alleged comments on the Ambedkar Students Association. They brought Sushil Kumar from his hostel room near the cycle shed and took written apology letter and in the course, the students have attacked Sushil Kumar.

The University Security staff have shifted Sushil Kumar in their vehicle till security point. The petitioners along with other students have uploaded the apology of Sushil Kumar in Facebook. He objected the contention of the petitioners that Sushil Kumar has tendered apology in a peaceful manner is violative of natural justice. Even if there is no physical attack on Sushil Kumar, the way in which the entire episode goes is against natural justice and insulting the democratic values.

The Registrar said that if they felt agony over the comments that were uploaded by Sushil Kumar, the petitioners should have informed of the same to the University administration and should not have taken law into their own hands. Based on the phone call by Sushil Kumar, the police rushed to the spot and registered a case on the same day.

The Proctorial Board investigation revealed the role of petitioners in the issue. Sudhakar admitted to the court that one BJP MLA and the mother of Sushil Kumar have met the Vice Chancellor. As part of counter, ABVP general secretary has lodged a complaint demanding suspension of the petitioners while were countered by ASA leader in their complaint. The two complaints were forwarded to the Proctorial Board. The board has sent notices to the police and to petitioners to appear before the board and recorded the statements. However, Sushil Kumar who was hospitalized could not attend before the Board. The Board has submitted its report on August 12, 2015 in which it recommended to warn the petitioners for a clash with Sushil Kumar without complaining to the University Authorities. The Board has recorded the statements of some others and submitted a final report on August 31, 2015 and recommended suspension of the students (petitioners).

As part of it, the University has placed 8 students from the University and they had never denied their role. The suspension has been lifted on September 11, 2015 following an appeal by them.

The Sub-Committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor has referred the Proctorial Board report and placed it before the Executive Council. Proctorial Board, Sub-Committees reports have been taken into consideration and taking into their financial position wanted to act leniently. The Council has decided to make them not eligible for entry into hostels, administrative buildings and refraining them from participating in elections, said Sudkhakar.

The in-charge Registrar has appealed the court to strike down the case.

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