HCU - Rohit father seeks probe a sitting judge

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vemula Naga Mani Kumar, father of Rohit who committed suicide on the campus of HCU demanded the government to order for a judicial probe by a sitting judge into death of his son.

Speaking at a press conference, he faulted the politician leaders visiting the university campus for trying to politicize an issue. He said that they belong to the Vaddera community of the BCs and the SC certificate released to the media was obtained by the maternal grandmother of Rohit through false evidence. ‘I was kept in dark and my wife is ignorant’, he said. Raising doubts about the veracity of the suicide note, ‘ there is a lot of suspicion. I want the government to find out whether it was a murder or a suicide. If it was indeed a suicide, steps should be taken to find out the reasons and added that I want justice and not benefits’, he said.

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