HCU-AICC Vice-President Rahul participates in relay hunger strike

Saturday, January 30, 2016

All India Congress Committee vice-president Rahul Gandhi today participated in the relay hunger strike in support of the students demanding action against the Vice-Chancellor and two Union Ministers Bandaru Dattatreya and Smirti Irani.

Addressing the students on the campus of University of Hyderabad, he said ‘My main opposition to Narendra Modi and the RSS is that they are trying to crush the spirit of Indian students by imposing one idea. Please speak about your idea, talk about your idea, put your idea in the market place of ideas. If all these students accept your idea I am fine with it. But please do not force your ideas on these students, said Rahul Gandhi. ‘Give them their dignity and respect. They are not foolish people. They have more than enough understanding of the world and they do not need anyone including me to tll them what to do’, he said.

The killers of Rohit Vemula were the same people who did not desire that Mahatma Gandhi should speak the truth loudly and killed him. What happened here is exactly what was done to Gandhiji’, he said. He said that a law be enacted on the times of demands by University of Hyderabad students to fight discrimination in educational institutions. To advance this country, to make it powerful, study this proposition, look into the possibilities of passing this law because if you do not look into these possibilities the students will look into it, he said.

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