Government to resume sale of sugar through PDS to white ration cardholders

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The State government has decided to resume sale of sugar to white ration card holders through the Public Distribution System from January 2018.

The price is yet to be decided as the Central government has stopped subsidy on the commodity from Mach this year. The government is not providing sugar following the decision of the Centre to do away with subsidy from April this year. The government will provide half kg sugar to each white card holder while Antyodaya Anna Yojana cardholders will get one kg sugar according to sources.

To meet the demand, the State government has to procure 7,573 tonnes of sugar per month as there were nearly 1.40 crore white ration card holders and 1.96 lakh AAY cardholders. The government is thinking of increasing the price of sugar sold at fair price shops to Rs.13.50 or Rs.20 per half kg. source say.

Due to scrapping of subsidy, the government will have to bear the burden of Rs.20.94 crore per month. The burden would be about Rs.250 crore per annum.

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