Government relaxes ban on transfers

Friday, April 21, 2017

The State government on Friday issued a G.O. relaxing the existing ban on transfer from April 25 to May 24 to ensure their right placement so as to secure optimum productivity and commitment to the furtherance of its development objectives.

The government resolved that no employee should be transferred before completion of three years of service in a particular station as on April 1 and no person should be retained beyond five years of service at a particular place. In case of ITDA areas, the minimum mandatory service has been pegged at two years. Service in all cadres at a plae will be counted while calculating the period of stay.

The request transfers might be considered in respect of employees who completed three years of stay but less than five years at a particular station. However, such request transfers shall be limited based on the exception and not a rule and will not constitute more than 5 per cent of the employees in any working cadre subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.

The GO said that the transfers will be done on the basis of performance and on the basis of counselling which will start on May 15 and be completed by May 20. The departments will prepare lists of all employees who completed five years at a station and two years in ITDA areas and publish the same on their portables and on notice boards by May 2. All transfer orders will be issued on or before May 24.

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