Government plans to introduce Electronic Health Cards

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The government’s plan to introduce Electronic Health Cards will help the doctors to access the medical history of the patients such as prescriptions and test reports on their computers.

The initiative is in the line with the global shift towards electronic health system wherein each hospital department is computerized and networked and has a central database of patients’ records. The health card in form of Digital Health Locker will carry the patient’s information that could be used across all health schemes and facilities such as NTR Vidya Seva, Aarogya Raksha and government health schemes. The government is planning to issue the electronic health cards from October 24.

The C-DAC has prepared EHR modules for hospitals. The EHR would focus modules such as pharmacy, laboratory etc., and the government plans to complete testing of Modules, EHR integrity and enter into an agreement with C-DAC by July 30.

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