Government plans to fix sand unit price at Rs.500

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The State Government is likely to fix the maximum price for cubic metre of Rs.500 excluding the transportation and logistics costs.

The government has decided to come up with a new policy by doing it away of allotting the same to DWCRA groups. The deadline to announce the new policy was fixed as February 1 and the policy likely to come into effect from February 15. The government has decided to go for an open auction system of sand mining and anybody, including individuals and DWCRA groups could participate. Under the new policy, bids would be allotted to persons or groups which offer the highest premium to government after deducting the expenditure like loading, unloading, labour costs etc., The same would be applicable to those operating reaches in patta and private lands.

Sources said that orders announcing the new price per unit would be issued in a couple of days. And once the new policy is finalized, tenders for auctions would be issued. There are nearly 375 sand reaches in the State but e-auctions would be conducted for about 125 in the first phase

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