GST will be people friendly’, says Commissioner of Commercial Taxes

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Commissioner of Commercial Taxes J.Syamala Rao said today that a majority of the 330+ commodities used by common people would continue to be taxed at the previous rates or the rates might even come down under the Goods and Services Tax.

Addressing a seminar on GST implementation organized by Andhra Chamber of Commerce here, he said the tax on some commodities would obviously go up while the impact of the new tax on liquor and petroleum products which have constitutionally come under its purview remains to be seen. He said that the GST is not going to be the exclusive domain of GST Council in the sense that passing any resolution requires 75 per cent of vote, which neither the Centre with 1/3 weightage nor the States with 2/3 weightage can decide unilaterally on any issue.

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