Fee hike in IITs and NITs are in the cards

Sunday, December 13, 2015
New Delhi

  • Rs.1.45 lakh for IITs and Rs.95,000 in NITs ?
  • Central Government hits of hike
  • Official announcement only after Central Cabinet Meeting
  • Revision will be in every four years
  • Hike of fee will be entrusted to educational institutions

Sources said that the Union Human Resources Ministry has formally decided to hike the fee structure in the prestigious educational institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology and undergraduate courses across the country.

According to information, the fee for IIT students would be hiked to Rs.1.45 lakhs from Rs.90,000 for NIT students, it is proposed to Rs.95,000 from the existing Rs.70,000. However, a decision on the hike would likely to come up after the Union Cabinet meeting. If implemented, students have to shell down Rs.3.80 lakhs for completion four year B.Tech degree in NITs and Rs.5.80 lakhs in IITs.

The hike in the fee is necessitated following establishment of new NIT, IITs in the country and some part of the money has to be borne by the students. The highest fee proposed is Rs.3.25 lakh in IIT Khargpur while Guwahati Rs.1.75 lakh. There was proposal to hike the fee by 25 per cent every year in IITs and NITs.

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