Farmers can get pattadar passbook at Mee Seva by paying Rs.25

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Farmers in the State now can get their pattadar passbooks in 15 minutes flat at the Mee Seva centres by paying Rs.25. This is the first time in the country, that farmers can get pattadar passbooks.

National Informatics Centre Director-General Neeta Verma launching the passbooks today said that Andhra Pradesh stood as the role model in digitization of its departments under the e-Pragati project. He suggested the officials to adopt the e-Office-2architecutre that was yielding good results in public governance around the world.

Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Anil Chandra Punetha said the passbooks would be printed on the basis of pattadar authentication, land records’ validation through Webland, Mee Seva operators’ authentication, unique e-pattadar pass book numbers, QR codes, MROs’ digital signatures and IP address.

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