Dentist’s murder case – nine arrested

Friday, March 25, 2016
New Delhi

Pankaj Narang (40), a dentist was brutally beaten to death by around 15 people outside their residence on Thursday.

According to sources, Dr.Pankaj Narang entered into an argument with two bikers along with some others on Thursday midnight who attacked him and done to death. Police Deputy Commissioner (West) Pushpendra Kumar said that 12.15am, the main accused Nasir and a minor friend were passing through the service road where the doctor’s residence is located. Around the same time, Dr. Narang having just watched the cricket match indulged in a game of cricket with his son. It so happened that the ball was hit outside the house and Narang’s son went to get it back and his father followed him. When the bikers close to them signaled them to stop, his hand brushed one of the accused and an argument ensued said the DCP.

The argument escalated into a scuffle following which Narang pulled out the ignition key from the motorcycle of the accused forcing him to abandon it and leave. The two who live in a JJ cluster close by soon returned with several others and dragged the doctor out of the house and attacked him with roads, sticks and a cricket bat. The injured doctor was rushed to the hospital where he died during the treatment.

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