Debate on Roja’s suspension today in AP Assembly – stay for updates

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hyderabad High Court
Hyderabad High Court

  • Hyderabad High Court to hear contempt petition filed by Roja today

The contempt petition filed by YSRCP MLA Roja will be heard by the single Bench against the Assembly Speaker for not implementing the High Court orders granting relief to her. It may be recalled that a single Judge Bench Justice A. Ramalingeswara Rao who had stayed the suspension of Roja in his judgement on March 17 had cited two prominent pronouncements of the Supreme Court.

The one is of February 12, 2016 by a Bench headed by Justice J.Chalameswar in the case of Alagaapuram R.Mohanraj vs Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly clearly stated that ‘it is a settled law that the scope of judicial review in matters relating to action taken against members by the Legislative Bodies is limited. However, it is likewise well settled the non-compliance of justice is one of the limited grounds on which judicial review could be undertaken against the internal proceedings of the Legislative Bodies in appropriate cases’. This is the crux of the case as Roja has claimed that she was not given an opportunity to explain her stand before the House adopted the resolution.

A Division Bench of the High Court will also take up the appeal filed by the Andhra Pradesh Government seeking quashing of the stay order granted by the single judge.

Proceedings are underway in High Court:

  • The Counsel for the government P.P.Rai putting forth his arguments said that the MLA Roja has made very serious remarks on the Chief Minister which were condemned by the counsel for Roja Indira Jaisingh saying that no such remarks were found in the records. She said that no mention was made in the affidavit submitted by the government. Srinivas said that she also made serious remarks on the leader of the House. The AAG said that the Assembly has got full rights to take action on anyone concerned who made serious remarks on the leader. The counsel for Roja said that no report was made available on the incident so far.

Privileges Committee report before the House:

  • The privileges committee has submitted its report before the Assembly recommending suspension of Roja for one year and to initiate appropriate action against Kodali Nani. It may be worth noted here while on side, the proceedings are going on in the Hyderabad High Court over the issue, the Privileges Committee has placed its report before the Assembly today recommending suspension of Roja for one year.

PIL filed:

  • Meanwhile, a Public Interest Litigation was filed on the issue seeking directions from the High Court to take criminal action against the Chief Minister and the Speaker for not honoring the High Court directions. The PIL was filed by Gopalakrishna Kalanidhi who practices in the High Court. The petition is likely to come up before the court on Tuesday.

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