Complaint lodged against TDP MLA

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A woman, K.Chayakumari from Gujaratipeta of Srikakulam approached the Superintendent of Police and lodged a complaint against Gajapatinagaram MLA of Telugu Desam K.Appalanaidu alleging that she was cheated by the MLA after she invested Rs.10 lakh in a business.

According to reports, Chayakumari is a friend of Deepa, who is allegedly indulged in illegal business such as rice-pulling and few others. Deepa has claimed that the MLA was also a partner in the business and convinced her invest in the business promising hefty profits. She claimed that she had invested Rs.109 lakh but didn’t get back her investment and alleged that the MLA and his team have been denying their hand in it.

Police is examining the facts of the complaint.

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