Cockfights – Case to be booked against Penamaluru MLA

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Thousands of people gathered at Edupugallu village on the outskirts of Vijayawada today to organise cockfights.

Police on receiving information deployed additional forces to stop the blood sport and posted pickets, conducted vehicle check ups and dispersed the crowd. Around 3pm, Penamaluru MLA Bode Prasad came to the venue in a procession. When the police tried to stop the crowd, the MLA reportedly entered into an argument, broke the barricades and entered the place. He along with his followers inaugurated cockfights which continued till late in the night under flood lights.

The organizers announced the names of the cocks such as ‘Dega’, ‘Kaki Dega’, ‘Nemali, ‘Tella Kaki’ which were ready for the fight and announced the bet amount on each cock through the public announcement system.

Elamanchili MLC Babu Rajendra Prasad opened ‘Kodi Pandelu’ at Godavarru village, near Kankipadu where the villagers and TDP workers and activists participated.

In West Godavari, the police registered 200 cases against the organizers and stepped up security while 850 persons were bound over in the last few days. The police seized 600 knives being readied for tying to cocks at the courts. We seized 15 courts at Narasapuram and Eluru today said SP Ravi Prakash.

‘We tried to prevent the MLA from entering the village and stop the cockfights. But he violated the court orders and launched the game. A case would be registered against Bode Prasad and his followers’, according to police sources.

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