Chittoor Government hospital leased to Apollo

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

  • Government issues orders giving Chittoor government hospital to Apollo for five year lease
  • 150 new MBBS seats in 2016

The State Government has decided to lease the Chittoor Government Hospital to Apollo for a period of five years and the Principal Secretary of Medical Health Poonam Malakondaiah has issued orders. The orders said that the decision to lease out to Apollo following the recommendations of a five member committee that was earlier constituted. The hospital will get another 150 MBBS seats in the 2016-17 academic year. At present the hospital is located in 6.3 acres and another 9.8 acres will be developed with greenery, drainage, water facility etc.,

  • The Apollo hospital has to develop critical care, trauma unit, intensive care beds
  • improvisation of operation theatres
  • To establish 10 hemo dialysis centres
  • Separate operation theatre for deliveries
  • Facilities for blood tests
  • To develop causality ward and creation of separate beds
  • To strengthen nursing services.

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