Chittoor District Collector and other Officials

District Officials

Sri P.S.Pradyumna, I.A.S
Email :
Phone: (08572)241200, 240500, 240744

P.S.Gireesha, IAS
Joint Collector
Email :
Phone: (08572) 241250

Sri Vadarevu Vinay Chand, IAS
Commissioner, Tirupati Municipal Corporation
appointed on January 19, 2015

Sri S,V, Raja Sekhar Babu , IPS
Superintendent of Police
Email :
Phone: (08572) 226760

D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police
Email :

Abhishek Mohanty, IPS
Tirupati Urban SP
Appointed on May 4, 2016. Prior posting as SP, Intelligence

Former Collectors of Chitoor

Sri Solomon Arokia Raj, IAS
Sri V. Seshadri, IAS
Sri N. Sridhar, IAS
Sri Shamsher Singh Rawat, IAS

Former Joint Collectors of Chitoor

Sri Ch. Vijaya Mohan, IAS
Sri P.S.Pradyumna, IAS
Sri T. Chiranjeevulu
Sri G. Rajendra Prasad, IAS
Sri S.Suresh Kumar, IAS

Former Assistant Collectors of Chitoor

Smita Sabharwal, IAS

Former Superintendents of Police of Chitoor

Sri Kanthi Rana Tata, IPS
Sri P.V.S.Ramakrishna,IPS
Sri Murgesh Kumar Singh, IPS
Sri TV Shashidhar Reddy, IPS
Sri Charu Sinha
Sri V. Venugopala Krishna,IPS
Sri K.Lakshmi Reddy,IPS
Sri Gopinath Jatti, SP Tirupati Irban - posted to Police headquarters, Hyderabad on May 4, 2016

Former D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police

Sri Charu Sinha, IPS
Sri N Jayarami Reddy, IPS

While we take extreme care to update the information on this page, we may occassionaly miss updating information on this page. Thus, information on this page need not be comprehensive and latest and is presented here as general information. Designations may not necessarily be as per protocol order.

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