Chilli farmers lock Market Committee gates in protest against fall in price

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The chilli yard here was stopped today after the irate chilli farmers locked the Agricultural Market Committee for hours in protest against fall in the price.

The price of chill has come down to Rs.5,000 per quintal at Guntur much below the price during the previous year. The yard in 50 acres was filed to the capacity and the police had to make temporary arrangements at a private ground to accommodate more than 800 odd trucks. The irate farmers had heated arguments with the police and marketing committee personnel.

The State government has announced a support price of Rs.1,500 over the prevailing facility but the scheme has failed to provide any succor to the farmers. Ever since the scheme has been launched, the price has slid further.

Market yard chairman Mannava Subba Rao said that government support scheme would help the farmers to offset the losses. He said that the Centre has already intervened and promised to buy the stock for Rs.5,000 per quintal in addition to the overhead cost of Rs.1,250. It may be recalled that on May 1 Jagan launches two days ‘rythu deeksha’ demanding the government to come to the rescue of chilli farmers. Even Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan too demanded the government to address their demands.

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