Chief Minister inaugurates ‘Framework installation’ at KIA Motors

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu today inaugurated the ‘framework installation’ work at the KIA Motors site near Penukonda in the district.

Chandrababu dubbed the same as the foundation ceremony for the manufacturing plant, forms the base for producing the first KIA test car in a year. The manufacturing facility and automobile assembly plant tha are to come up at a cost of Rs.31,000 crore would produce 3 lakh cars initially and will eventually scaled up to four lakh cars.

Speaking on the occasion, he appealed to the CEO and President of KIA Motors, Han-Woo Park, who was next to him to go beyond the initial investment and aim at manufacturing 4 lakh cars as the State presents. Besides Ease of Doing Business, a burgeoning demand for cars.

With the first car slated to be produced in the last quarter of the next financial year, the KIA Motors facility would have been completed at a breakneck speed of under two years form initiation of work to actual production. Chandrababu said around 4,000 people would get direct employment and 7,000 indirect employment due to the facility.

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