Chandrababu Naidu announces compensation to the victims of Titli hit farmers

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu today announced a compensation of Rs.20,000 per hectare of paddy crop as against Rs.10,000 paid all these years for the damage caused by Titli.

He said the compensation would be Rs.25,000 per hectare of cashew crop and Rs.1,200 for each fallen coconut tree. He also promised to pay Rs.40,000 per hectare in a phased manner in the next three years for maintenance of the cashew and the coconut crops. Chandrababu promised to pay Rs.2 lakh for the fishermen who lost their boats. The compensation will be Rs.6 lakh for motor boats and Rs.10,000 for each net. Aqua farmers will get Rs.30,000 compensation per hectare.

Chief Minister has directed the officials to pay Rs.10,000 for damaged houses, supply 25 kg rice to each family and 50 kg rice for the families of the fishermen community. The MP Rammohan Naidu asked the Chief Minister for appointing survey teams to access the crop and property damage.

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