Chalo OU – Goshmal MLA Raja Singh arrested

Thursday, December 10, 2015
OU Campus, Hyderabad

The Police have arrested Goshmal MLA Raja Singh who had given a call to ‘Chalo Osmania University’.

Police have shifted the arrested MLA to ACP office. It may be recalled that Raja Singh has given a call to obstruct the beef festival’ to be organized by OU students. Police too arrested some of the suspected persons in the issue.

OU burning
Severe tension prevails at Osmania University following the call given to organize beef festival’ and heavy police force has been deployed. It may be recalled that a Civil Court on Monday has ordered a stay on conducting food festivals of such kind be organized in Osmania University till December 20 as they were unlawful and breaks various animal rights laws. which was upheld by the High Court.

Defying the court orders, students at OU on Tuesday consumed ‘beef’ biryani and kebabs and pledged to go ahead with their plans of holding the event today. The students said they would appeal under the SC and ST (Prevention Atrocities) Act, 1989 terming it a ‘food of minorities’.

Police are arresting all the concerned in the beef festival. All roads leading to OU have been closed. Deputy Commissioner of Police (East Zone) A.Ravinder said that the beef festival will not be allowed and all security arrangements are made to ensure peace and tranquility prevails on the campus. He said that they have denied permission to the students to organize any such festival. Sources said that as many as 16 students Ambedkar hostel were taken into custody today morning. Media is not allowed inside OU.

Meanwhile, saint Paripoornanda organized ‘Go Puja’ Bhagyanagar Gosala at Lower Tank Bank and plans to take up a rally to Osmania University. Go Samrakshana Samithi said that they would obstruct the beef festival.

  • MLA Raja Singh said that he would obstruct organizing beef festival
  • Police arrested 16 beef festival organizers in OU
  • Paripoornanda demanded implementation of Gosamrakshana Act
  • OU Registrar says that admissions of the students would be cancelled if were involved.
  • Sri Peetham Peethadipati Paripoornanda Swamy today performed ‘Gopuja’ at Bhagyanagar Goshala at Lower Tank Bund. He emphasized the importance of safeguarding cows on everybody. He said that today is being celebrated as ‘Go Rakshana Diwas’ the day on which ‘beef festival’ is organized. He gave a call to withdraw ‘beef festival’.
  • 25 AVBP activists along with Gosamrakshana Samithi and Bhajarang Dal activists were arrested.
  • Students have released the photos of celebrating the ‘beef festival’ while police have sized the hostels in which they were residing to take them into custody.

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