Call Money racket-Police to conduct potency test on the accused

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sources said that arrangements are being made by the investigation agency in the Call money Sex racket to conduct potency test on the prime accused Yellamanchili Srirama Murty (A-1) and Dudala Rajesh (A-7).

The court has given the duo to six days police custody on Saturday and steps were taken for testing their potency in compliance with Section 53 of Cr.PC. It may be recalled that the accused were involved in the scandal are accused of sexually assaulting and raping women borrowers besides taking over their properties. Under this section, the Police are authorized to get the accused tested by a designated medical practitioner to check whether they are capable of committing the offence. The other will follow suit when once they are handed over to police. The number of persons arrested have crossed 100 till date.

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