Call-money mafia is the result of Government’s failure

Monday, December 14, 2015

What is call money
Call money is the system in which the money lendors trap the financial needy persons into their fold. The interest to be paid per day per lakh is Rs.2,000. The borrower has to pay the interest promptly even though payment of principal amount is delayed. The borrower has to register their assents in the name of the lendors and simultaneously, they will take empty promissory notes and cheques. In case of default, the lendors will seize their assets and even threaten to file cases in courts. In the process, they sexually assault the women. Sources said that there are 50 syndicates are running and each syndicate consists of 10 to 15 investors.

Opposition and Left parties demand stringent action
Former Union Secretary E.A.S.Sarma in a letter to the government has demanded stringent action against the culprits. In his letter he analyzed the reasons for the poor to go into the clutches of call money racket. He wanted the government to take the suggestions into consideration and make necessary changes at the gross-root level.

‘It is government’s failure’, says Parthasaradhi
YSRCP spokesperson Kolusu Parthasaradi said that the government has to hold responsibility for the entire call money episode. He said that with the active cooperation of the Chief Minister, these gangs are increasing in the State. He showed the clippings of various print media of the involvement of Telugu Desam Party leaders in the call-money racket and wanted the police to investigate the case in an unbiased manner. The victims are in the clutches of the gang only due to the failure of the government to waive the DWCRA loans. He condemned the action in registering murder attempt case against Paderu MLA Giddi Eswari for her speech in which she reflected the mental agony of the tribal people in against bauxite mining at Chintapalli.

‘Government in the hands of Mafia’, says CPI
The State CPI State Secretary K.Ramakrishna said that Chandrababu Naidu government is in the clutches of mafia racket. After Chandrababu came to power, sand mafia, real-estate mafia are on the increase. ‘Money is ruling and this is evident from the call-money racket, he said. It is most unfortunate when Chandrababu Naidu is running administration from the place where the mafia is organizing the activities.

‘Agitation from Vijayawada’, says P.Madhu
CPM State Secretary P.Madhu said that the State Government has utterly failed in controlling the mafia. He said that the silence maintained by police has driven the poor women in the clutches of call money racket. He said that agitation would be taken up from Vijayawada from where the racket is operating.

Raghavulu seeks judicial probe
CPM Polit bureau member B.V. Raghavulu demanded a high level judicial probe into the entire episode. Speaking to press at Rajahmundry, he demanded stringent action against those involved in it. In the light of the names of political personalities surfacing, he demanded the political parties to spell out their stand.

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