CRDA releases draft master plan

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) released the draft detailed master plan. The CRDA has invited objections and suggestions if any relating to the notification.

The CRDA Commissioner N.Srikanth said that the objections and suggestions can be sent in writing within 30 days. The person making any objection or suggestion should also give his name and address, telephone or fax and e-mail address. In the policy guidelines, it indicted that the land usage pattern will consist of agriculture protection zones, industrial zones, infrastructure and protection zone. It is proposed to build capital city in 217 square kilometres involving 29 villages. Nearly 7,000 hectares earmarked for living spaces, 1,950 hectares for public utilities, 3,385 hectares for commercial establishments and 6,390 hectares for parks and open spaces in the smart city.

Nine special cities

  • Government City in 564 hectares. The government will construct two townships in which Assembly, Secretariat, Chief Minister’s residence, Raj Bhavan, Head of the Departments would be house.
  • Justice City comes up in 566 hectares:: The draft plan proposes to construct justice city comprising of courts with all facilities.
  • Finance city in 566 hectares:: It is proposed to establish Central Business District in the name of Finance city. The township comprises of commercial buildings, multi useful centres. Two Metro lines have been proposed for the benefit of the people to reach here from all party. It will have Waterfront Plaza and Recreation Island.
  • Knowledge city in 1,445 hectares:: Knowledge park, Housing University campus along with many colleges will be established. As many as 1.220 lakh employment would be created by 2050 with a residence of 5,73,575 persons.
  • Health City in 1,348 hectares:: Health city would be established and would created 1.5 lakh job openings.
  • Sports City in 650 hectares:: Sports city would be established by constructing big stadiums, event centres, international sports centres.
  • Media city in 677 hectares:: It is proposed to construct media city with a target of creating 1.5 lakh jobs.
  • Tourism city in 531 hectares:: It is proposed to construct Tourism city with special attracting to attract international tourists.

It may be recalled that the State Government has already pooled nearly 30,000 acres from farmers for the building of a world class capital with the help of Singapore, China and Japan.

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