CITU opposes privatisation in government hospital labs

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

  • CITU leaders have staged protests in front of the Medall laboratory on the premises of King George Hospital (KGH) in Visakhapatnam protesting government's decision to introduce PPP mode in diagnostic laboratories in government hospitals.
  • The leaders claimed that the government is pursuing privatisation in medical education and medical care. As many as eight government hospitals were handed over to private colleges in the name of clinical attachments, they said.
  • CITU leaders M Jaggu Naidu and GS Rajeswara Rao demanded the government to withdraw GO No. 633.
  • They said that through GO No. 633, several types of lab tests and X-ray and ultra-sound tests in PHCs, CHCs and Area Hospitals were handed over to the corporate sector.
  • The situation will lead to taking away free medical aid to the poor in the future, they said.
  • Providing quality testing will take a hit and this will also impact the permanent and contract outsourcing employees of labs in Government hospitals.

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