Bombay High Court fines father with Rs.50,000 for giving car to minor son who met an accident

Saturday, August 20, 2016

In a landmark judgement, the Bombay High Court today imposed a fine of Rs.50,000 to the father of a minor who drove his father’s car without having a valid driving licence and met with an accident last year injuring his minor’s friend.

It may be recalled here that on November 14, 2015, the injured boy was hospitalized and a case of negligent driving was filed in Versova Police Station against the boy who was driving the car. The parents of both the accused and victim came to an understanding and settlement and jointly filed a quash petition in the High Court.

A bench headed by Justice Naresh Patil in an order said that the court would have allowed the parties to get the FIR quashed without imposing cost or on a payment of nominal cost but the facts are disturbing in nature. The bench quashed the FIR on condition that the father of the petitioner Rajesh Dholay pay Rs.50,000 costs and deposit the money within two weeks with Tata Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Institute in Mumbai.

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