BC Commission Member secretary Krishna Mohan went on leave

Saturday, December 9, 2017

BC Commission Member Secretary Krishna Mohan went on long leave created more doubts.

According to sources, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Andhra Pradesh Backward Classes Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Soceity Secretary Krishna Mohan was reported sent on long leave by the Chief Minister.

It may be recalled that the BC Commission report was brought out without the notice of the BC Commission Chairman and was discussed and placed in the Assembly and was also passed. On this episode Commission Chairman Justice Manjunath expressed anger and added that the member’s report is not valid and the Commission will submit an official report to the government.

According to sources, if an official report comes to the government will cause the government in an embarrassing situation and to avoid a discussion on the issue, he has reportedly asked Krishna Mohan to go on long leave. Justice Manjunath reportedly expressed displeasure over the members in submitting to the government without his knowledge. Sources said that on the issue of submitting the report to the government without the knowledge of the Chairman, Manjunath is reportedly planning to file a case against the concerned members. He informed the media on December 2 and that Commission Secretary Krishna Mohan will submit a report to the government on December 4 but by that time he went on leave.

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