Andhra Pradesh State Budget 2016-17

Thursday, March 10, 2016

  • Budget might be around 1.3 lakh crore
  • Priorities are irrigation, agriculture, youth empowerment, SC/ST/BC and Minorities welfare

The Andhra Pradesh State Budget to be presented by Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu for 2016-2017 on Thursday would be around 1.30 lakh crore. The State is still awaiting Rs. 13,780 crore revenue deficit compensation for the year 2015-2015 and if the Centre releases the amount or at least a part of it, would be a great relief to the State to meet the next year’s commitments including construction of State Capital Amaravati.

The targets before the government apart from infrastructure and building the capital, the new budget is expected to give priority to irrigation, agriculture, youth empowerment and SC, ST, BC and minorities welfare. Sources said that the government is optimistic about next year and hope to continue to grow at double digit and mobilize resources from external agencies on the strength of GSDP growth rate.

Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu will present the State Budget for the year 2016-2017 with a deficit of Rs.4,800 crore at noon in the Assembly. As finance Minister, this is the eighth time Yanamala is presenting the budget. According to sources, the planned expenditure would be Rs.49,200 crore while non-planned expenditure would be Rs.86,500 crore while the income would be Rs.52,300 crore through taxes while non-tax income would be Rs.7,000 crore. On the expenditure front, Rs.3,500 crore would be earmarked for loan waiver and Rs.7,000 crore for irrigation purposes. Minister for Agriculture Prathipati Pulla Rao will read out the Agriculture Budget in the Assembly while Narayana will present in the Legislative Council.

AP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu presenting the AP Budget said

  • AP Budget for the year 2016-2017 is put at 1,35,668 crores
  • Revenue deficit is estimated at Rs. 4,868 crore.
  • The budget estimates have been set at 20 per cent higher
  • Rs. 3,512 crore has been allotted for loan waiver.
  • Rs.7,300 crore has been allocated to irrigation.
  • State witness 10.9 per cent growth rate.
  • Rs.49, 134 crore for planned expenditure
  • Rs.4,898 crore is estimated as revenue deficit
  • Rs. 86,584 crore has been put for non-planning expenditure.
  • Planned expenditure is 42.78 per cent.
  • The Centre has so far released Rs.850 crore for Amaravati construction.
  • Rs.1,000 crore for Guntur-Vijayawada drainage system.
  • Rs.1,132 crore for house construction.
  • Rs.17,502 crore for school education.
  • Rs.4,020 crore for electricity.
  • Rs.1,000 crore for Kapu Corporation.
  • Rs.67 crore for Brahmin Corporation.
  • Rs.2,998 crore for Pensions.
  • Rs.250 crore of Krishna Pushkarams.
  • Rs.252 crore for Youth empowerment.
  • Rs.345 crore for Polavaram project.
  • Rs.2,233 crore for health.
  • Rs.2,548 crore for Higher Education.
  • Rs.8,724 crore for SC welfare
  • Rs.8,832 crore for BC Welfare Corporation.
  • Rs.2,998 crore for pensions.
  • No allocations for unemployment allowance.
  • Rs.1,500 crore for State Capital construction
  • Rs.4,728 crore for Urban development.
  • Rs.8,724 crore for ST welfare
  • Rs. 1,195 crore has been allotted for Rural Water supply scheme.
  • Rs.710 crore for minority welfare.
  • Rs. 16,490 crore for Agriculture and allied fields.
  • Rs. 4,785 crore for Law and order.
  • Rs.227 crore for tourism.
  • Rs.357 crore for environment and forests.
  • Rs.975 crore for industries and Rs.227 crore for tourism.
  • The Government targets Rs.11,500 for investments in the State.
  • Rs.4,465 crore rural empowerment.
  • Rs. 3,119 crore for Land Administration.
  • Rs.215 crore for sports.
  • Rs.818 crore for animal husbandry.
  • Five greenfield airports will be constructed.
  • Rs.302 crore for IT field.
  • Rs.127 crore for weaving field
  • Rs.100 crore for food processing.
  • Rs.147 crore for silk industry.
  • Rs. 3, 512 crore for loan waiver.
  • Rs.3, 184 crore for roads.
  • Cyber School of Excellence will come up at Tirupati.

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