Airtel assures network support for Jio

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
New Delhi

Bharati Airtel said on Tuesday that it would provide more adequate interconnection points to Reliance Jio and that these would be enough to serve over 15 million customers of the telecom arm of Reliance India Ltd.,

Following bilateral discussions between these two operators after telecom regulator TRAI had last week called a meeting of the warring telcos to discuss the issue of interconnect points. Reliance Jio that officially started its services on September 5 has accused existing players of not releasing sufficient inter-connection points to allow calls originating from its network to go through.

A statement from Airtel said that it has been providing PoIs to Jio well ahead of the commencement of its commercial operations. With the latest augmentation, the total number of PoIs will become three times the present number of PoIs.

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