AgriGold victims demands government to deposit Rs.1,000 crore

Saturday, July 29, 2017
Koretapadu (Guntur)

The AgriGold Customers, Agents Welfare Association State president Muppalla Nageswara Rao has demanded the government to deposit Rs.1,000 crore immediately.

Speaking to press here at CPI district office on Saturday, he appealed the government to take care of the interests of the victims. He said that due to delay in the case, the deaths are increasing. Three years had elapsed since the surface of the case and the Chief Minister himself has promised to begin the process of paying the amount within 120 days but even after 130 days, the process has yet to begin.

The State president said that so far 142 victims have committed suicides and so far not even one family was paid ex-gratia as was promised. Though the accused are the jails but their families are happy but the victims are facing a lot of problems on day to day life, he said.

A bus yatra would be taken up from Itchapuram to Hindupur on August 16 to create awareness and mount pressure on the concerned, he said.

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