Actress Swati Reddy love affair reaches police station

Friday, February 26, 2016

Upcoming actress Swati Reddy and her mother Nagendramma lodges complaints on each other at Banjara Hills Police Station.

Swati Reddy’s mother Nagendramma lodged a complaint with the police stating that Srinivasa Reddy who was already married had kidnapped her daughter. Based on the complaint, the police have taken Swati Reddy and Srinivasa Reddy into their custody. Meanwhile Swati Reddy complained to the police that her mother is causing her trouble only for her property.

Sources said that the actress had eloped with her lover Srinivasa Reddy with money and gold ornaments from home. Swati Reddy and her mother had quarreled in the police in the presence of police. Interestingly, the actress reportedly said that they had some dispute over financial matters, but later we compromised. I don't know who is this Srinivas Reddy and I was never in love with anyone," she said and blamed her mother for filing a false complaint. She was pestering me for money and just filed a complaint taking some name and that happened to be Srinivas Reddy whom I met couple of times and his number happened to be in my contacts. I decided to live separately only because she was creating some trouble most of the time," she said.

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