AP received not more than Rs.12,500 crores from the Centre

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Minister for Social Welfare Nakka Ananda Babu today said that the State government has not received more than Rs.12,500 crore form the Centre.

Accusing the BJP MLC Somu Veerraju of playing the role of a covert for the YSRCP, he said that the Centre stated that it had given Rs.1,500 crore for the construction of the capital city which was a pittance going by an identical sum that was splurged on an international convention held in Gujarat. He said that the Centre had given a paltry Rs.1,050 crore for the development of Rayalaseema against Rs.23,500 crore sought by the State. It was the Centre that had promised to give a package to Rayalaseema on the lines of what was extended to the KBK Region in Odisha and Bundelkhand and belied the expectation, he said.

Meanwhile, TDP MLC Adireddy Apparao said that the BJP MLC Somu Veerraju is being tutored by the YSRCP to attack Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to gain political. Speaking to media, he said that the BJP deceived the people of the State by making false promises. To coverup the false promises, Veerraju starting attacking the TDP and the Chief Minister, he said.

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