AP Budget – 2018 (live updates)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

AP Finance Minister presented Budget for 2018-19. The highlights are:

  • Total budget is Rs.1,91,063 crore
  • Revenue expenditure is Rs.1,50,370 crore
  • Financial deficit (expected) is Rs.28, 205 crore
  • Development rate is 10.96%
  • Rural development – Rs.20, 815 crore
  • Water Resources Rs.16,978 crore
  • Agriculture – Rs.12,355 crore
  • Power sector – Rs.5,052 crore
  • Industries – Rs.24, 180 crore
  • Technical education Rs.818 crore
  • Sports and youth Services Rs.1,635 crore
  • Medical – 8,463 crore
  • Drinking water and sanitation Rs.2,623 crore
  • Hosing development Rs.3,679 crore
  • Urban Development Rs.7,740 crore
  • Social Welfare – Rs.13.722 crore
  • Labour – Rs.902 crore.
  • Polavaram – Rs.9,000 crore
  • Social Welfare department Rs.13,722 crore
  • Transport – Rs.4,653 crore
  • Environmental – Rs.4,899 crore
  • Backward vysyas – Rs.35 crore
  • Kapus – Rs.1,000 crore
  • Students from Kapu community Rs.750 crore
  • Nay brahmins Rs.30 crore
  • Backward classes – 100 crore
  • Valmiki boyalaku – 50 crore
  • Education – Rs.24, 180 crore
  • Technical education – 818 crore
  • Public relations – Rs.224 crore
  • Loan waiver – Rs. 4,100 crore

Rs.4,100 crore allocated for Loan waiver scheme:: The State government had announced a new scheme coinciding with the International Women’s Day has announced a new scheme for the adolescent girls and Self-Help Group members in its budget for the year 2018-19.

The State government will supply sanitary napkins to girl students in secondary schools and colleges. The napkins will also be supplied to the SHG members. Presenting the budget today, Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said Rs.27 crore was allocated for extending the benefit to the adolescent girls and Rs.100 crore to SHG women.

Rs.7,000 crore for Home and Law departments:: The State government in its budget had allocated Rs.7,000 crore to the Home and Law departments. While the allocation for Home was Rs.6,226 crore, the Law department got Rs.886 crore. The allocation for Home department was 19.25% more than the last year. Finance Minister said that work is already in progress in most of the 30 model police station buildings at various places in the State. As a pilot project, Mahila Police Volunteers had been appointed in Anantapur and Kadapa districts to act as a link between police and the community. Vacancies of existing judicial officers will also be filled to expedite disposal of pending cases.

Rs.24,185 crore to the Education department:: The government has allocated Rs.24,185 crore to education department. The government launched a unique programme called ‘Badikosta’ and allocated Rs.160 crore for it. Funds to the tune of Rs.117 crore have been proposed to be spent on equipment classrooms in schools and colleges with digital mode. An additional Rs.100 crore has been earmarked for maintenance of clean toilets in schools.

Rs.7,020 crore for health sector:: The government had allocated Rs.8,463 crore in this budget by an increase of 21% compared to last financial year. The health security for all by providing the same in the PPP mode. Reputed national and international institutions had been engaged as technology partners to provide technical inputs.

Rs.3,075 crore for Industries:: Finance Minsiter allocated Rs.3,075 crore for Industries and Commerce department with an increase of 47% in the current budget. In his speech, he said that the government was currently tracking 1,946 large and mega projects across 18 departments with a total committed investment of Rs.13.54 lakh crore. Of them, 531 projects had commenced operations with investments amounting to Rs.1.29 lakh crore. Besides, the government signed 734 MoUs during the CII Partnership Summit with an investment potential of Rs.4.39 lakh crore. The government allocated Rs.200 crore to the Micro, small and Medium Enterprises Corporation.

Rs.4,100 crore for loan waiver:: The allocations for Agriculture Department has been pegged at Rs.7,607.49 crore including Rs.4,100 crore towards the fourth instalment of redemption of farmers’ debt, Rs.485 crore for the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana, Rs.220 crore for subsidy on seeds and Rs.100 crore for the establishment of a mega seed park in Kurnool district.

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