AP Administrative Tribunal directs to stop appointing for Group I posts

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The AP Administrative Tribunal today in its interim directions to the State government directed to stop filling up of Group I posts till March 15.

The direction came following a petition filed by one G.Rajeswari alleging that there were some discrepancies took place and she was given low marks intentionally. The advocate for the petitioner Jonnalagadda Sudheer said that discrepancies have been taking place since the issuance of notification. Though the Supreme Court made it clear not to allow for those who did not attend 2012 mains, as many as ten candidates were allowed. In the preliminary examination, six wrong questions were given but despite the directions of the High Court and Supreme Court were not taken into consideration, he said.

The scaling system that was introduced was dismissed by the Tribunal and with this, the petitioner could get an opportunity to attend the interview. He said that the petitioner got 341 marks and 39 marks were given in the interview. However, those who could get less than 341 marks in the mains could get selection. He said that the petitioner was disqualified by giving low marks only with a vengeance that she approached the Tribunal. The advocate wanted a direction that the interviews should be conducted under the surveillance of CCTVs.

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