AN-32 mishap – All on board presumed dead

Thursday, September 15, 2016
New Delhi/Visakhapatnam

As search continues for the missing AN-32 transport aircraft, the IAF has informed the families of the 29 personnel onboard that their kin are presumed dead.

This is an administrative procedure required to be done to clear compensation for the next of the kin. It may be recalled that IAF AN-32 with 29 on board went missing on July 22 this year. The All India Defence Employees’ Federation has demanded crore compensation demanded in AN 32 accident to the kin of eight civilian defence employees from the city who are among those missing in the An-32 disaster.

A senior official of IAF said on Thursday in a letter to the families dated August 24, 2016 said that the Court of Inquiry upon careful scrutiny of the circumstantial evidence available has concluded that it is unlikely that the missing personnel on board of the ill fated aircraft would have been survived in the accident.

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