8,246 severe cases of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology have been identified’, says Health Minister

Monday, November 13, 2017

AP Health Minister Dr.Kamineni Srinivas said 8,246 severe cases of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology have been identified in the State.

He said that a majority of them are from Uddhanam region of Srikakulam district and they are being treated under the free dialysis programme and NTR Vaidya Seva scheme. Such cases are being referred to teaching hospitals for further management, he said. TDP MLA Babu Rao said kidney diseases were rampant in Kanigiri, Yerragondapalem and other western parts of Prakasam district and they had to either to go to Ongole or Nellore for treatment. He said that at least 300 persons have died in the recent years due the kidney disease.

BJP floor leader P.Vishnu Kumar Raju said Chandrababu Naidu’s wish to provide sand free of cost to the people was not being fulfilled and demanded an inquiry to pin responsibility. He said it would be good if the government fixed a rate towards ‘rowdy mamool’ in addition to the stipulated loading and unloading charges amounting to Rs.3,000 plus cost of transportation instead of itself being under the impression and making the people believe that sand was available for free.

Minister for Mines and Geology Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao said 90 per cent of the people responded to surveys that they were satisfied with the prices paid by them and only the remaining 10% had problems. Vishnu Kumar Raju said that the Minister could check whether the allegations were true by sending persons he considered trustworthy to buy sand from the far-away reaches in Srikakulam and East Godavari.

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