30 Hindu temples demolished in Vijayawada

Friday, July 1, 2016

  • Temples demolished without serving notice
  • Peethadipathis express anger over the action of the government
  • Decides to take up protest rally on July 4, 2016
  • Devotees demand for reconstruction of the temples

The TDP government led by Chandrababu Naidu has demolished as many as 30 temples in Vijayawada and is planning to demolish another 11 temples without concerning the sentiments of the people. The action of the government was faulted by Peethadipathis and Mathadipadis.

The temples demolished included the oldest Seethammavari Padalu, Rahu-Ketu temple, Vinayaka temple on the river belt of Krishna, Sai Baba temple, Swayambhoo Ammavari temple at Bhavanipuram, decades old Gosala at Arjuna street, Krishna temple, Bavaji matham, Vijayeswara Swami, Varasiddi Vnayaka temple among others.

Sources said that the demolition of temples is meant for the conduct of Krishna River Pushkaram works. The appeal by the temple priests that they would move the main statues in accordance with the Sastras was unheard. The demolition process was being conducted in the supervision of Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani and District Collector Ahmed Babu.

YSRCP, BJP expressed its anger over the removal of temples in a high pitch. BJP MP Gokaraju Ganga Raju attacked the government over the demolition.

Rally on July 4:: Saiva Shetram Peethadipati Siva Swami held discussions with various Mathadipadis and representatives of Hindu organization. A huge protest rally would be taken up on July 4 . Sources said that nearly 300 Peethadipathis and thousands of representatives of Hindu organizations, devotees from other States will participate in the rally.

Demolition was done only for Pushkaram work’, says Manikyala Rao:: Minister for Endowments P.Manikyala Rao supporting the action of the government said that the officials have demolished the temples only for Pushkaram works and not for their personal needs or to protect their own properties. Pushkarams are being conducted for Hindus and the officials probably demolished as they come in the way of ongoing works. He said that arrangements are being made as the inflow of pilgrims for Pushkarams are expected to be on high in Sri Sailam and Vijayawada.

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