18 Deputy Collectors transferred and 48 get postings

Friday, October 20, 2017

The State government has transferred 18 Deputy Collectors and has given postings to 48 officials on Friday. Another 6 Deputy Collectors were asked to report to the government.

  • 1. B.R.Ambedkar working in Social Welfare Department has been posted to Krishna district
  • 2. S.Raghunath working as Zonal Manager, APIIC has been posted as DRO, Anatapuram.
  • 3. C.Malleswari Devi working as DRO of Anatapuram has been posted as Deputy Executive Officer of TTD.
  • 4. P.Babu Rao waiting for posting has been posted to Krishna district.
  • 5. D.Markandeyulu working in Krishna has been transferred to Prakasam district.
  • 6. A.Siri working in Tourism and youth wing has been posted as Joint Collector-2, Visakhapatnam.
  • 7. G.Ramakrishna Reddy waiting for posting has been posted to Kalyanadurgam
  • 8. B.V.Ramana has been posted to Amalapuram.
  • 9. YSVKGSL Satyanarayana Rao has been posted as RDO of Kovvuru
  • 10. BK Venkateswaralu has been posted as Secretary, Kurnool Town Development Authority
  • 11. Rajani Kumari, S.Vijaya Lakshmi, T.Chiranjeevi have been psoted as SDO to CRDA.
  • 12. S.Venkaeswarulu has been posted to Anantapur Express Highway Land acquisition Project
  • 13. R.Prabhakara Rao has been posted to Prakasam district
  • 14. S.Raghavendra has been posted SDC to YSR district.
  • 15. P.Sesha Sailasja has been posted as Land protection of Simhachalam Devastanam officer
  • 16. N.Satyanarayana has been posted land protection officer of Endowments department multizone (Kakinada)
  • 17. P.Uma Devi has been posted to Krishna district
  • 18. S.Vijayalakshmi has been posted to Forest Settlement Officer in Prakasam district.

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