‘Will sit on indefinite fast from February 5, 2016’, says Mudragada Padmanabham

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Former Minister Mudragada Padmanabham demanded the State Government include Kapus in the BCs list and release a sum of Rs.1,900 crore to the Kapu Corporation. He said that he would sit on indefinite fast at his residence from February 5, 2016 if the government failed to fulfil the demands. He said that the government is harassing him in many ways saying that that they were not given the RTC and private buses and not allowed to get a place to arrange makeshift kitchen for our supporters who turn up at the meeting. Even a section of media irked us with its false reports using filthy language, he said. On stone throwing and burning of train coaches, he said that those involved were not our men but some outsiders sent by the ruling party to disrupt the meeting and malign the image of Kapus. He said that he was ready to sacrifice his life for the cause of Kapu community. On the suicide of a Kapu youth in Kakinada, he appealed not to resort to any extreme steps but fight for the genuine cause in a non-violent manner.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council C.Ramachandraiah termed the incident as unfortunate and blamed the Chief Minister since he failed to initiate action on providing reservations to the Kapu community. Speaking at a press conference in Visakhapatnam, he said that no one would encourage violence and Mudragada Padmanabham himself was not a person who provokes violence. Reservation for Kapus is a long pending demand as it is not conceded the community its frustrated and youth are agitated. He warned that the agitation for reservation would spread all over the State.

‘TDP will sort out the issue by next year’, says Chandrababu Naidu
Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu addressing a press conference said that the High Court viewed GO 30 as mere requisition to the BC Commission on reservation for Kapus. The GO was very much in vogue as the court also did not quash it. There were precedents from other States as well as on BC reservation. The Supreme Court gave a verdict against including of Jats in the BCs list in nine States. All these issues would form part of the white paper, he said. The GO No.30 issued in 1994 was not enforceable as it is there was persistent demand form political parties that the GO be implemented. Chandrababu Naidu said that the TDP government is committed to and would fulfil the promises made to Kapus. He requested them to maintain restraint and not be carried away by political parties which could do nothing for the community during the last 23 years.

‘Counter agitation’ warns Krishnaiah
National BC Welfare Association president R.Krishnaiah said in Hyderabad that inclusion of Kapus in the BC list should not be a political decision as it was a Constitutional and technical issue. The Constitution and Supreme Court laid down two basic parameters for including any caste in the BC list, he said. Krishnaiah said that by including developed castes in the BC list, other weaker castes included in the list would lose out on their rightful prospects under reservation.

‘Arsonists will not be spared’, says ADGP Thakur
Additional Director General of Police R.P.Thakur said that an unruly behavior by mob led to the arson and assault on the police will not be spared. Thakur said that the police maintained utmost restraint by not using bullets or lathis on people attending the meeting. He denied the failure on the part of the police. He said that the police relied on the former Minister’s assurance that they will hold the public meeting in a peaceful manner but people from outside joined the mob and created arson. He further said that stringent action would be taken against those involved in the arson, burning of train and attacking police stations.

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