‘Will continue to fight for social justice’, says Kanhaiya Kumar

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kanhaiya Kumar
Kanhaiya Kumar

Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader Kanhaiya Kumar participating at a students meeting here on Thursday said that he will continue to fight for social justice.

Addressing the students amidst BJP leaders’ opposition, he said caste politics should be barred from universities. He said that the incidents at JNU was an attack on democracy and JNU is being run by money of the government and not from leaders. He demanded the government enact the new laws to avoid such incidents. He reiterated that they would continue Rohit ideology as promised to his mother. He said that if the students agitate, the governments would collapse, he warned. Criticizing Narendra Modi’s government for implementing religious policies, he questioned how the Prime Minister could claim to be a chaiwaala while wearing dress worth one lakh rupees. He lambasted the government for providing subsidies to industries while allegedly damaging the interests of poorer sections of society. He alleged that the government had prepared plans to loot the middle class and the poorer sections of the society. He called upon the people to unite and strike to bring to an end the caste and religious policies of government.

Shoe attack on Kanhaiya Kumar

A shoe was thrown on Kanhaiya Kumar while addressing the meeting was narrowly missed. AISF activists and others caught hold of the youth and thrashed them even Kanhaiya Kumar asked them to leave him. Police present there caught hold of the attackers. They were identified as Pavan Kumar Reddy and Naresh Kumar activists of Go Raksha Dal. The duo was produced before a court and granted bail.

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