‘TDP falls into the trap laid by YSRCP’, says Vishnu Kumar Raju

Thursday, March 8, 2018

BJP Floor leader P.Vishnu Kumar Raju today said that the TDP should not have pulled out the NDA government.

Speaking at the media point, he said that the TDP had walked into the trap set by the YSRCP. He said that the YSRCP drummed up public sentiment for SCS and the TDP was demanding it now. He said that the Centre made promises to the State when it disbursed 32% revenue to the States, but subsequently increase its share to 42%. Once this was done, the Centre said it could not give the SCS to the State or any other State.

Vishnu Kumar Raju said his party was committed to the development of the State. ‘It has catered to 85% of the assurances mentioned the AP State Reorganization Act in just three and half years while the Centre had ten years. It sanctioned 11 top institutions and work on them had begun in such a short duration though thee was still time to complete’, he said.

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